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Star learners


We award 'star learner' to different children each week.

We do this to celebrate their individual achievements.


Our star learners this week are:


  • Saifan (Banana group) for being confident on Zoom, well done Saifan!
  • Daniyal (Watermelon group) for joining in with his friends on Zoom, keep it up :)


Here are the rest of our very deserving home star learners... Ananya, Zakariyyah, Musa, Rayyan, Aurora, Aydin, Eeshan, Hussain, Zulqarnain, Dastan, Jashanjot, Shanzay, Muhid, Elia, Faadil, Mustafa, Yusra H, Aayan, Awwaab, Andrei, Ethan, Mina, Niall, Ashmeen, Shaawn, Umairah, Ahmad, Zaynah R, Hanifa, Sulaiyman P, Zahra, Adam, Farida, Kallen, Gabriela, Sahara and all the grown-ups, brothers and sisters!



smiley Well done smiley