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Tips and Advice for PARENTS

Top tips for getting home schooling off to a positive start



  • Children should work in short bursts of no more than 30 to 50 minutes (age dependent), especially if their learning is mainly screen based. This must be interspersed with regular exercise and fresh air.


  • Try to provide a dedicated workspace at home – i.e. the kitchen or dining room table set up with everything they need to work, a desk is great if you have one or an area that indicates a ‘classroom’ or space for learning, which is used just as that, to give the necessary separation from home and school.


  • Discuss the routine for each day with your children so they can ask any questions and set out your expectations– just as would happen at school.
  • We nurture children to be independent learners and teach them to take responsibility for their own learning in school, so this is a great opportunity for them to put those skills into practice, with regular praise and support from parents. Taking ownership of tasks should be encouraged as this also builds resilient learners.


  • Intersperse ‘lessons’ with learning spellings, reading books, outdoor garden activities or sport, music, art and crafts, cooking or drama-based activities to replicate a busy school day.