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Week Beginning 11th May

Task 1


Boudicca Newspaper Report


This week you will need to research on Boudicca and write a newspaper article.

Below you will find information and a variety of examples of newspaper reports on Boudicca.

There are also some templates if you wish to use these or you can design your own layout.

Remember to include features of a newspaper such as, Headline, Date, Byline, Subheadings, Pictures, Captions, Lead, Main Body, Quotes, Tail.



Use some of the words below to help you write your headline:


Boudicca            Romans              Celts          revolt          brave         defeated         drinks        kills        poison         battle





Use your research to help you write your introduction, make sure your introductions links to the headline


  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • How




Main Body

  • Remind readers who Boudicca is and why she is rebelling
  • Give background about what Boudicca and the Celts have achieved so far
  • Describe the battle (how the Romans were victorious, Why the Celts failed)
  • How and why Boudicca lost the battle and why she killed herself
  • Consider the differences between the two armies (weapons, training, number of fighters)
  • The amount of Celts and Romans that died
  • Describe the final events and Boudicca's death





Include at least two quotes in your report


1) Quote from Boudicca



"If you weigh well the strengths of our armies you will see that in this battle we must conquer or die. This is a woman's resolve. As for the men, they may live or be slaves." Boudicca


"I am not fighting for my kingdom and wealth now. I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters." Bouddica


2) Quote from Roman / Celt Warrior (think about how would they be feeling, one has won the battle one has lost)





  • Sum up the story, reminding readers who Boudicca was and why she fought.
  • Where they can find more information

Task 2


Roman Themed Acrostic Poem


Write a roman themed acrostic poem. You can use any words related to the romans for example you may wish to use Romans / Hadrians Wall / Boudicca / Julius Caesar / Gladiator / Legionary, etc...


Once you have done your acrostic poem you may wish to do another or challenge yourself further and create a different style poem (use the BBC website to look at the different styles of poems) or you may wish to complete the 'Write and Perform a poem activity'


An Acrostic Poem uses the letters of a topic written vertically. You write a descriptive word or phrase related to your topic horizontally. The descriptive word or phrase should begin with the first letter given in your topic. Try and ensure you are included phrases rather than just a word in order to make your poem longer and more descriptive.

There are a few examples of acrostic poems below: