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Week Beginning 18th May

Task 1

Life As A Roman Child -  Diary

This week you are going to take on the role of a Roman child.

  • Using the videos and your own research mind map facts about life as a Roman child. 
  • Compare the life of a Roman child to your own (you could create a table to do this if you wish). Would you like to be a Roman child? Why/why not?

Write a diary entry as a Roman child, describing what life was like and the differences between the lives of boys and girls.

Include: your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Task 2

Life As A Roman Child - Comic Strip


Create a detailed comic strip showing a day in the life of a roman child. You may choose to do the life of a boy / girl or you could split each box of your comic strip to show the life of a boy and girl side by side.


  • Thought bubbles (to show what the character is thinking)
  • Speech bubbles (you do not need to include speech marks for these as the speech is within a speech bubble already. Remember you can also use speech to reflect a characters feelings )
  • Captions ( tell us what is going on in the box, like a narration)