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Week Beginning 20th April

Please find below the English tasks for this week and a variety of resources to assist your child with their home learning.

Talk through the task and features outlined on the PowerPoint and support your child in including these in their writing. 


Task 1

The Day Vesuvius Erupted Diary


Imagine you were living in Pompeii in 79AD and your home is near Mount Vesuvius. What were you doing, thinking and feeling when you saw the ash cloud suddenly appear? 

Complete the diary entry to describe what happened the day the volcano began to erupt. Write about events the order they happened and describe how you felt during the eruption.

Remember to include paragraphs, interesting sentence starters, thoughts and feelings.

You may wish to follow this example template as guidance:


Dear Diary,

What an unforgettable day! I was busy collecting water from the well, when the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky. I looked up and saw a plume of ash smoke above Mount Vesuvius. 


As I looked up......




Soon, ......





I felt......





Suddenly, I heard......



Use the resources below to help you. You may wish to do your own research as well.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Twinkl account to access this eBook "The Pack of Pompeii"

If you do wish to access this eBook, you can create a free Twinkl account by following the link below:

Task 2

Volcano Making Instructions


Design and create your own volcano. You can be as creative as you like!


Following this you will need to write step by step instructions to instruct someone else on how to make your volcano.

Remember to use imperative verbs and write in chronological order.


Include a title, subheadings, what you will need, bullet points, imperative verbs and clear instructions.


Writing Instructions