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Week Beginning 27th April



City Of Pompeii


Research the city of Pompeii and create an information leaflet for people all about the historical city Past and Present. Don't forget to include headings, subheadings, pictures, persuasive language, etc.

•Focus all on the interesting facts about this historical city

•Use bright colours and images to catch readers attention.

•Include facts and persuasive language.


Use the resources below to help you as well as your own research to produce your information leaflet:



Roman Soldier -  Short Story


Design a shield for a Roman solider and write a short adventure story about a time when this shield was used.

Be as creative as you like.

When writing your story remember to think about your setting, characters and dialogue. Don't forget to include paragraphs (use the story mountain to help you do this).



  1. Where will your story be set? Who will be in your story?
  2. Look at the story word mat to think of your beginning middle and end.
  3. Create your own story mountain
  4. Maybe write a list of sentence openers, exciting words, Roman vocabulary you would like to include in your story
  5. Use your story mountain to write your paragraphs.
  6. Use the checklist to see if you have included everything
  7. Proof read your work. Check your spellings and punctuation