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Week Beginning 4th May

Task 1

Letter from a Roman Soldier


You are a legionary in the Roman army, write a letter home to you family. 

You must take on the role of a roman soldier and write a letter to your family at home explaining what life was like in Britain. As this is a letter to your family it will be an informal letter.

Talk about what your day to day life is like. 

In order to gain of understanding of life as roman soldier watch the following videos. You may also do your own research.



What to include in your letter:


· Greetings to your parents

· What you wear in the army. Do you like what you have to wear? 

· Your hopes for the future – what are you going to get out of being in the army? 

· Army tactics you have learned

· Hadrian's wall and what it was built for

· Do you like being in the army?


Remember to sign yourself off with a Roman name e.g. Julius/Marcus/Antonius/Albus/Titus

Task 2

Build a Banquet


Design a 3 course meal menu for a Roman Banquet. Research the types of foods the romans ate and design you own meal.

This menu must sound appetising therefore you need to use lots detailed description and exciting adjectives when describing each dish on your menu.

When describing your food think about:

  • Taste (e.g. sour, spicy, sweet, juicy, etc)
  • Shape (oval, flat, round, etc)
  • Texture / touch (e.g. sticky, crunchy, crispy, greasy, mushy, melted)
  • Colour 


Include a menu title, headings (Starters, Mains, Desserts), write the name of each dish followed by a brief description of the dish to explain what it is. Be as creative as you like when creating your dishes!