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Year 3's Recent Highlights

Science Day

Year 3 had an amazing time celebrating Science Day! We dressed up as famous scientists and took part in 3 different science experiments (cornflour, invisible ink and expanding gases) to acknowledge the astounding success and progression science has made over the years. The children were able to understand the bewildering science behind these simple yet intriguing experiments.



Here's what the children from Year 3 thought about Science Day:


"I enjoyed the cornflour experiment the most because I was really surprised we could make a ball out of liquid." Aradhya 3CK


"I loved Science Day! My favourite experiment was the cornflour one because it was fun and messy." Azeezah 3Ja 


"Science Day was so fun, we did different experiments and learnt about asking scientific questions." Sadia 3Ka


"I leant Science is an awesome subject and it is fun discovering and making new things." Sid 3CK


"My favourite part of the day was doing the invisible ink experiment because it revealed a secret message." Yori 3Ja 


"It was so fun, we had a chance to explore different things." Faheem 3Ka


 "I like the cornflour experiment the most because I enjoyed making a ball." Daimand 3Ja

Here's some pictures from our exciting day!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7