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Year 5

Welcome back to Year 5! 


After a sensational start, we hope that you are well rested and raring to learn! We will continue using this website to keep you up to date with everything that is going on in Year 5, including important dates, assemblies and learning. Please check back regularly! We look forward to the exciting opportunities this new term will bring!


We thank you for your continued support!


The Year 5 team

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Stunning Start! 


Our stunning start this term was full of curiosity, passion, and experimentation. The engineers, inquirers and astronauts, participated in a carousel of activities. We learnt about the importance of the V2 rocket and how rockets are designed for optimum flight. We inquired into unusual imagery and questioned each other to express our curiosity. Finally, the young astronauts in training were put through their paces in a NASA style boot camp. The children were convinced that our topic was all about Space exploration but were astonished to find out that we were in fact learning "The Power of Curiosity!"


Keep your eyes peeled for some photos on this page!



Our Spring term topic is The Power of Curiosity! 


The children will be transitioning from World War Two and learning about Space exploration, natural phenomenons and features, and forces.




This half term we are reading the book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, a novel which tells the adventure of Liam Digby up into space with a handful of other children and their parents. It's a hilarious journey of discovery as Liam hurtles around the world finding out exactly what makes children and adults different. 



This half term in Science, our scientists will be learning about Earth and Space. We will be looking at:

-the planets movement, relative to the Sun in the solar system.

-the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and its different phases.

-the shape of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. 

-the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky and the phenomenon of day and night.


Marvellous Maths! 


In Maths this week our mathematicians will be revisiting addition and subtraction. Focusing on determining which methods are appropriate to solve specific problems and challenges.


Attendance and Punctuality

We do our very best to support your child’s learning and expect children to attend school every day, unless they are unwell.  We also expect children to arrive on time for every session. 

Children who have good attendance make good progress and achieve more highly.

Healthy schools


At Highlands our aim is to help our children become healthy and happy citizens of the world. To support this we would like you to make sure your child has a water bottle to help keep them hydrated at school. They will also need to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school. We are also working hard to provide our children with the healthiest lunches possible to make sure they are ready to learn in the afternoon. On a Monday and  a Friday your child is allowed to have one treat in their lunch box. All children are able to bring a healthy snack to have at playtime such as a piece of fruit or cereal bar.