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Year 6


Spring Term 2020

Welcome back,we hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.

We welcome parents emphasising our key message of children simply trying their best.

The children have settled in well and are working incredibly hard. We will be spending the next few weeks continuing to build their confidence and address gaps in their understanding.


Don't forget to visit Star Spring 1&2 below for this terms learning and curriculum links

and Star Newsletter for this terms key dates and events.


Morning Booster Classes


Morning Booster Clubs- Will continue taking place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings until the SATs.

Your child needs to have had breakfast and be in school by 8am ready to learn!


Please ensure that if your child has been invited to these sessions that they are attending weekly. Each session has been incredibly beneficial to your child’s progression.


We really enjoy leading these sessions and our teacher, very kindly offer their mornings to support our Y6 children to achieve the outcomes that they all deserve. We look forward to seeing your child there.

Attendance and Punctuality


We do our very best to support your child’s learning and expect children to attend  school every day, unless they are unwell.  

We also expect children to arrive on time for every session.  Children who have good attendance make good progress and achieve more highly. 

Healthy Highlands


At Highlands our aim is to help our children become healthy and happy citizens of the world. To support this we would like you to make sure your child has a water bottle to help keep them hydrated at school.

They will also need to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school.

We are also working hard to provide our children with the healthiest lunches possible to make sure they are ready to learn in the afternoon. On a Monday and  a Friday your child is allowed to have one treat in their lunch box. All children are able to bring a healthy snack to have at playtime such as a piece of fruit or cereal bar.

Sustainable Development Goal


The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that Year 6 will be focussing on will be ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’. Throughout the year, there will be projects set for the children to do little tasks to further raise awareness and help our community in whichever way we can.

In the meantime, we encourage your children and your family to consider small changes you can make to aid the battle for Responsible Consumption and Production.

Such as:

  1. Reducing your waste. Reducing our waste can be done in many ways, from ensuring you don’t throw away food to reducing your consumption of plastic—one of the main pollutants of the ocean.
  2. Carrying a reusable bag, refusing to use plastic straws, and recycling plastic bottles are good ways to do your part every day.
  3. Being thoughtful about what you buy and choosing a sustainable option whenever possible.
  4. Making informed purchases about what we’re buying also helps. For example, the textile industry today is the second largest polluter of clean water after agriculture, and many fashion companies exploit textile workers in the developing world. If you can buy from sustainable and local sources, you can make a difference as well as exercising pressure on businesses to adopt sustainable practices.


For more suggestions on what you can do please visit: en/actnow

To find out more about Goal #12 and other Sustainable Development Goals, visit: sustainabledevelopment




Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team  1 Year 6 Team Picture

       Home Learning support

     How can you support your child's crucial learning development?



  • Children are expected to be reading everyday at home for a minimum of 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Children should be recording their reading reflections everyday in their reading records (there is a sentence starter sheet at the back of their reading record to support this).
  • Enjoy the text and discuss  your child's interpretation and understanding of the text.




   When revising spellings children should be:

  • Using Look, cover, write and check.
  • Finding the definition of the words.
  • Writing the words in a sentence.
  • Finding a Synonym for the words.
  • Finding an Antonym for the words.



    Please use the Website for revision and fun activities you can enjoy with your children.


This year, at Highlands we are starting an exciting endangered animals project with children across the school.

Year 6 animal is Otters !

Children will be learning about them and why they are endangered and how they can help them.


SATs Skills Coverage Overview


Maths Topic checklist


Reading Skills checklist


SPAG Skills checklist


Number and Place Value


Give / explain the meaning of words in context.


Grammatical terms / word classes.


Addition and Subtraction


Retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction.


Functions of sentences.


Multiplication and Division


Verb forms - consistency.




Summarise main ideas from more than one paragraph.




Fractions, Decimals & Percentages


Make inferences from the text / explain and justify

Inferences with evidence from the text.


Combining words, phrases and clauses.


Fractions – equivalent, adding, subtracting, improper and mixed


Geometry – properties of shapes, position and movement


Predict what might happen from details stated &  implied


Standard English & Formality.


Measurement – metric units, area, perimeter


Identify / explain how information / narrative content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole.




Measurement – time



Roman numerals


Identify / explain how meaning is enhanced through

choice of words and phrases.


Tenses – consistency.


Ratio and Proportion


Make comparisons within the text.










Useful Websites


Useful Revision Websites


Bug Club

My maths Username: Gardens  Password: Octagon

BBC Website

Maths Genie

YouTube revision Mr Khan’s academy videos

Hit the button