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'How I see our world'


Well done Mila in 3Or!

Mila 3Or

What the children of Highlands had to say about their art:


'In this current moment in time I think of the world as social distancing, An earth with a mask, everyone wearing masks, not able to communicate face to face. A crack in the middle to keep people from seeing others.'

Aisha 5Mc


'This picture represents doctors in the world, who are working very hard to save everybody's life from coronavirus, so all kids can go to school soon.'

Keosha 2HG


'To make the world picture, I covered it with many rice grains of multiple colours, as the real world needs every person to save the world.'

Camila RDu



Here is my artwork on 'How I see the world'.

'I have painted the emotions of Glaciers, Amazon Forests and Earth to show how much Climate change and cutting trees is bad for our planet. I have also painted how we are fighting back with COVID19.'

Ayansh 3QK



'The head of the person represents the Earth we live in and the two people represent how everyone is trying their best to protect everyone from the coronavirus. The mask on the Earth represents how everyone needs to wear masks in this pandemic. The drink container means that lots of people have junk food. The can at the back shows how much litter there is in the streets. At the bottom, the trees represents how much nature there is in the world.'

Ibrahim 6Ma


'Our world should be full of love and kindness. Everyone is different but equal.'

Eliza 1Ge



'The character Goku has black hair and he is a super sai yan - somebody who protects the world from evil forces such as Berus who is God of destruction. To me he represents total destruction such as spreading plagues such as Covid-19, destroying the climate, nature, the air we breathe. I believe there is a good force protecting the earth and a wicked force always trying to destroy our planet earth. We have to work together to bring peace.'.

Jibrail 4Ja


'I see the world like me house. It should be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of your colour or ability, where everyone feels safe and no one is shut out. The dolls are different colours, shapes and sizes and this represents celebrating differences and all feeling safe under one roof.'
Hannah 5Go




Mehak 5Go

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Amina A

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