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Video conferences - February 2015

Year 2 - Museum of London

The Great Fire of London


On Monday  23rd February the children in Year 2 took part in a video conference session with the Museum of London.  The topic was the Great Fire of London in 1666.


This was an interactive storytelling session, using first-hand accounts of the fire and investigation of objects from the period. The children were able to examine some artefacts from the time to gain an understanding of life in 1666.


A trained actor from the Museum of London told the story of the fire, introducing some of the key characters, Thomas Faryner (the baker), Samuel Pepys and King Charles.


Through role play the children acted out people escaping from the flames, throwing buckets of water to save St Pauls and blowing up houses to try and stop the spread of the fire.


Everyone really enjoyed this session.

"Read Aloud" Video Conference session

Class 1Sk and New York


On Monday 9th February 2015 the children in Class 1Sk held a VC with Rene Carver, Distance Learning Coordinator - GST BOCES, USA.  He read to the children from the book "Yoko learns to read" by Rosemary Wells.


The children were due to join with another school in New York, but as America had experienced a very bad snow storm the school was closed.  Rene was able to show the children pictures of the snow.


We are hoping to have another VC very soon with the other school to continue with this reading project.

School Council Video Conference- "Internet Safety at Home"

Tuesday 10th February 2015


Our School Council members joined with other Redbridge schools to discuss the topic of Internet Safety at home.  This was to support the Safer Internet Day 2015.  The VC was hosted by the children at Mayespark Primary School.


Each school presented information on how they used the internet at home and why?  They discussed how to keep safe on the Internet and shared top tips for being a safe surfer.


Two police officers joined the VC and gave feedback on each presentation.  The children were able to ask them about how to deal with any problems they had faced or may face when using the internet.