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Video Conferences Spring Term

Year 3 meet and greet Video Conference with our partner school in Dijon

















Here are a few snaps of 3Mo saying 'Bonjour' to our partner school in France. The children got to meet their peers they will be learning with over the next few months. Many questions were bounced back and forth and buzz was already apparent.  


Exciting times ahead. Return to this page to keep updated.


Highlands at Bett Show 2017















Year 3 are about to embark on a partnership of with a French school in Dijon. Through Video Conferencing, the children from Highlands and France will be connecting regularly to share their learning. Highlands children will get the opportunity to learn French from actual French natives. The children will also get the chance to learn about French culture and experience what French children get up to. 


To start this partnership, two children from 3Mo were selected to represent Highlands at this year Bett. The children presented what they would like to gain from the partnership and spoke brilliantly in front of an audience of strangers. 


Thanks to the children (Safiyah and Ibrahim) for showing such confidence and bravery. Also, a warm thank you to their parents for travelling to the Excel Centre.