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The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the school. It has responsibilities in formulating school policies and setting the financial budget which it then reviews during the year. It reviews the School Learning Plan and looks at the teaching and learning taking place in classrooms. The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, local authority representatives, and members of the community. Individual governors are attached to year groups so that they can get to know the children, check on their progress and see how the Pupil Premium is being spent in raising attainment.


School governors 

School governing boards work as a team to provide strategic leadership to schools. The three core functions of a school governing board are to:

  • set a vision for a school
  • be accountable for school performance and the safety of pupils
  • provide financial probity to ensure that resources are well spent

Governing boards are required to appoint governors meeting the eligibility criteria based on the skills and experience required by the board. At Highlands, we ask each Governor to complete a skills audit. When a vacancy arises, the Board agrees what skills are missing and recruits a new governor to fill  this gap. 


Children's Rights

At Highlands, we know that our Governors play a key role as advocates for children's rights. Every time they meet, Governors discuss how to further improve the quality of education for each child. They discuss how to keep children safe and to protect them from harm. They ensure that every child is treated equally and with respect. These are the key rights from the Convention on the Rights of the Child that Governors protect as part of their role:


Our Rights - (UNCRC in child friendly language)


Article 28. ‘You have the right to a good quality education.’

Article 12. ‘You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.’

Article 29. ‘Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.’

Article 19. ‘You have the right to be protected from being hurt or mistreated, in mind or body.’

Article 3. ‘When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children’

Article 42. ‘You have the right to know your rights! Adults should know about these rights and help you learn about them too.’

Article 2. ‘All children have these rights (non-discrimination)


Governing board statutory duties and policies


All governing boards are required to follow school governance legislation to meet statutory responsibilities as outlined in the Department for Education (DfE) Governance Handbook.

The other key statutory duties are:

  • ensuring safeguarding procedures in place to protect pupils and staff
  • monitoring the school budget and ensuring that school finances are spent well
  • ensuring that adequate and appropriate provision is provided for Special Education Needs (SEN) pupils
  • having statutory school policies 
  • staffing 


Our professional clerk is Frankie Chissim. If you would like to get in touch with the Governors, please contact Frankie via the school office. Governors warmly welcome communication from parents and recognise the importance of parent voice in continual school improvement.


Governing Body Committees:

The Board decided last year to move to a non- committee structure to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The only committee in place is the Pay Committee.


Pay Committee

This committee considers recommendations from the Headteacher and agrees annual pay increases for all staff. The Committee meets at least once a year, or as required. 


Statutory Committees (e.g Pupil Disciplinary, Appeal, Staff Disciplinary, Redundancy)

All Governors (except staff) will form a pool from which they will be selected to serve on panels according to availability and suitability. The terms of reference for each panel will be as per the relevant procedure/policy.  


Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests

All Governors are required to sign a declaration of interest form annually. 

They are also required to disclose any pecuniary/business interests relating to specific items on the agenda at every meeting. 

At this time the declared interests are:

  • governance roles in other educational institutions - None
  • any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives) - None
  • any other interests - None.


Governors Composition and Terms of Office


The membership of the Governing Body of Highlands Primary School is as follows :




Co-opted Governors (5)


Miss Hayley Foster (12-12/18 – 11/12/22)             

Rev Bernardino Mandlate (12-12/18 – 11/12/22)

Dr Colin Runeckles (12-12/18 – 11/12/22) - Vice Chair

Ms S Shaukat (11-12-19 - 10-12-23) - Chair


Parent Governors (3)


Mrs Montaz Muquith (26/04/17 – 25/04/21)



Headteacher Governor (1)

Dr Kulvarn Atwal

LA Governor (1)

Cllr Mustaq Ahmed (20/03/18 – 19/03/22)

Staff Governor (1)

Mrs Jenny Owen (1/10/18 – 30-9-22)

Associate Governors – Nil

Observers Mr G Jelks

                   Mrs Sandeep Kaur




All Governors are appointed for a term of office of 4 years (other than the Headteacher, who is a Governor for as long as he is in post)



Full Name of Governor Appointing body Position of responsibility

Register of Business/personal

pecuniary interest

Number of FGB meetings attended

Feb 18 - Dec 2019)

Mr. Kulvarn Atwal (or DHT in his absence)


By Virtue of Appointment


Pay Committee

None 7 out of 7

Mrs Jenny Owen


Staff   None 6 out of 7

Councillor Mushtaq Ahmed


Local Authority Website compliance None 3 out of 7
Dr Colin Runeckles Governing Body

*Safeguarding, LAC and Attendance


*HTPM Review 

*Pay Committee

None 7 out 0f 7
Rev. Bernardino Mandlate Governing Body   None 2 out of 7
Miss Hayley Foster Governing Body   None 6 out of 7
Mrs Montaz Muquith Parents





*Pay Committee

None 4 out of 7
Mrs S Shaukat Governing Body      
    All Governors are 'standards' link governors    


Governors  (2017/18/19)

appointed by reason for departure appointed resignation date
Mrs Helen Mitchell Governors Moved out of the area March 2017  Aug 2018
Mrs Atiya Nasir Parents End of term Oct 2014 Oct 2018
Lady T Adebowale-Jones GB personal reasons July 2018 June 2019
Joy Mortimer GB Moved out of area   Aug 2019