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International Link with France

Highlands Primary and Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus

International Video Conference project


In the Summer term of 2014, a group of children in the Reception classes embarked on a joint video conference project with children in at Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus, in Chenove, France.   Teachers from both schools have been sending emails and also meeting face-to-face in video conference calls, working collaboratively on shared projects.


Before the children met via video conference both schools sent gifts to each other.  Below is a short film of the children at Highlands opening their parcel from France.

Opening the parcel.wmv

Still image for this video

One of the gifts each school exchanged was a toy.  The children from France sent our children a dinosaur. Our reception children took the dinosaur on a tour of our school and took photographs to show to the French children.


 Please watch the film below to see the places the dinosaur visited at Highlands.


Still image for this video

The first VC meeting was on Tuesday 17th June.  Mrs Kaur from Highlands and Mr Bertrand Grenier from Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus had planned out the activities for this first meeting.  Children from both schools introduced themselves, saying their name in each other’s language.  Our children showed the pictures of the dinosaur at Highlands and explained where the dinosaur was in the school.  The children in France sang the “Incy Wincy Spider” song and we joined in too. 

Lastly both schools played the dinosaur board game (which was one of the gifts from France!).  A child from each school threw the dice and then moved the small model dinosaur around the board.  When the Highlands children had their turn they counted in French and when the  Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus children had their turn they counted in English.  The board game was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun.


Please watch the film below.


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Our second VC meeting was on Wednesday 2nd July.  Again the teachers had worked together to organise the activities for this video conference.  Miss Patel  from Highlands Reception year also joined the children in this video conference.  The children played a guessing game where they took turns to draw an animal or object on a small whiteboard.  The children then spoke the word in French and English.  Both sets of children sang a song to each other.  All of children were far more relaxed in this second meeting and were willing to speak French/English with confidence.


Still image for this video
Just before the end of the Summer term  Mr Grenier from Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus visited Highlands.  He was able to meet the children and teachers face to face and spend some time in the Reception classes.  He taught the children a song, please watch the film below.

French song_0001.wmv

Still image for this video
These video conference links have been extremely successful, due to the excellent collaborative planning and preparation by the teachers and the enthusiasm and willingness of the children to take part in these activities.  The children have really enjoyed these links and this work will continue in the new academic year.