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Video Conferences Autumn Term

Choir Group singing Carols to the Manhattan School of Music

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The talented Choir Group had the chance to sing a few Christmas Carols to a teacher at the Manhattan School of Music. Lead by Mrs. Targett-Adams, the choir lulled their way through several Christmas numbers. The group range from year 2 to year 6 and sound as if they have been together for many years. The MSM was impressed by the talent our children showed and here is a snippet of the magic (sorry it's short the camera died). Look out for the choir singing at events around Highlands and the local community. Enjoy!

Year 4 - Roman Treasure Hunt


Roman fun returned to Year 4 in November. The children of 4Sh had the opportunity to return to their Year 3 learning, for an afternoon, and show what they remembered. 


Alongside two schools from America, 4Sh took part in the Roman Treasure Hunt Video Conference delivered by the British Museum. 


It was the first VC for the American schools. 4Sh are familiar with VCs and showed fantastic behaviour and listening through out. 


The children remembered a lot of their learning from last year. Some of 4Sh were surprised at just how much information they remembered.


All in all, it was a successful VC that brought three schools, separated by the Atlantic, together. 


Thanks to Mr. Shore for supporting and leading 4Sh during the VC (it was his first time leading one). 

When Reception met Santa


It's that time of year where Santa  visits the boys and girls that have been good. Luckily for Highlands, Santa was able to take time out of his busy schedule to 'visit' all the wonderful rights respecting boys and girls in Reception. 


Via video conference, Santa shared all of his Christmas joy. He read the children several stories and explained to them where he goes on his travels.


Everyone sat beautifully and asked fantastic questions. The children even managed to make Santa smile with their warmth and kindness. 


The children were sad when Santa had to go, but they understood he had an important job to do. 


On behalf of Reception, thank you Santa!