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Video Conferences - January 2015

"Read Aloud" Video Conference session

Year 1 and New York


On Monday 12th January 2015 the children in Year 1 joined with children  at Vernon E Wightman Primary School, USA,  for a Read Aloud video conference session.   Vernon E Wightman Primary School  is part of the Bath, NY School District, which is in the “Southern Tier” of New York State, approximately 2 hours southeast of Niagara Falls.


Rene Carver, Distance Learning Coordinator - GST BOCES, USA, read to the children from the book "Yoko" by Rosemary Wells.


The children used Google Earth to see where each school was in the world.  They particularly liked looking at the globe and comparing how far away each school was from each other.


The children also discussed the differences in our language and how words had different meanings, for example we say "chips" but the children in America say "fries".