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Federation Consultation

The governing boards of Uphall Primary School and Highlands Primary School propose the federation of the schools from 1 September 2023. The proposed federation will initially be called ‘Highlands and Uphall Primary Schools Federation.’ 


The timeline of events sets out the processes into moving forward with this consultation for a hard federation between both schools.


What is a federation?

A federation is established when two or more schools agree to work together on a formal basis through a single governing board. Under the Education Act 2002, schools and local authorities can propose that schools join together to form a federation.


Vision for the federation

We aim to bring the expertise in both schools together to provide an excellent education for all the children in the local community. We wish to further develop and strengthen the good education that both schools provide through sharing ideas and resources effectively. We intend to broaden opportunities to ensure they have rich and wide learning experiences which will stay with them beyond their time in primary school.


If you would like to send a response in regard to the proposed federation then please email

Federation Consultation - Response Form